duncanthrussellart is the home of artist Duncan Thrussell. This is his business blog and written in first person.

I am a Fine Artist working from a studio in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

I was born in St.Albans, Hertfordshire, studying art and design at University of Hertfordshire, and Fine Art Painting at Northbrook College Sussex. After completing Fine Art degree, I went on to University of Brighton to study Youth & Community Work.

I have previously set-up and run studios/galleries in Worthing, Rustington and Littlehampton; and exhibited in London (Mall Galleries and Chelsea Art Society Open), Worthing, Arundel, Rustington and Littlehampton.

My work is on permanent display at Crafters’ Corner, Littlehampton, and I am exhibiting work at the pop-up gallery ‘Clifton Road Gallery’, Littlehampton.

2020 has been a horrendous year for many, and has resulted in many art events and exhibitions being cancelled. In 2019 I successfully displayed my work at West Beach Cafe, Littlehampton, I hope to be able to do this in 2021.

The artwork that I am publicly exhibiting are mainly landscapes and seascapes. I like to charge my painting with colour and expression, using textures and mark making to explore mediums and my response to the observed environment.

I also create artwork to commission and available for small group/individual workshops.

I’ve decided to create a public blog in order to explore different topics and promote my artwork more widely.

I am not sure how regular these blogs will be but I hope they will be stimulating and encourage me to explore avenues for my work.

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New work developing & expensive open art competitions!

I’ve decided to take some time away from exhibiting to enable me to dedicate some time to develop my portfolio of new work.

I have since been creating a lot of drawings and gathering ideas for new paintings.

I have a number of paintings “on the go”, with the idea of developing the series of work to exhibit them together in 2024.

I have also started to enter some open art competitions with a selection of paintings created in 2021/22. I could accumulate quite an expensive bill, so I’m selective about which ones to enter. Fingers crossed I. Successful with some of my entrances. I’ll let you all know which ones I enter over the coming months…even if I’m not successful!

In order to develop my work, enter open art completions and have some focus on online selling, I’ve withdrawn all my original work (bar some drawings, cards and prints) from Clifton Road Gallery.

A bit of a journey at the moment, so let us see what happens!

Chat soon.

Making progress

Gradually making progress on drawings and paintings.

Have been getting ideas together, making sketches and taking photographs of scenes that take my notice and inspire me in some way.

I’m currently focusing on the interplay between the man-made and natural, using textures, line and colour. I’ve got lots of ideas from public and private gardens, and other areas in the environment where I live. I will post the final finished pieces when complete.

A few snapshots of the studio:

Some things that are inspiring me at the moment:

Christmas & 2023

The Christmas holiday season is a much needed break for many. A chance to reflect on the past year, relax and unwind with family and friends.

At the back of my mind I will be planning for 2023, but for me personally, this festive season will be difficult due to losing loved ones; but I will be focusing on remembering the happy times.

Thank you all so much for following this blog, and supporting me through sales and positive comments and likes on social media channels.

I want to wish everyone of you a very Merry Christmas, and a happy and healthy 2023.

2023 will bring fresh challenges which I intend to face head-on. However 2022, has taught me to take my time, reflect and look after those close to you, cherishing memories and every experience.

In 2023 I will be using time constructively to develop my work in the studio and in the field. I will be exhibiting less, to give me this important time. Look out for social media updates.

Much love and peace to you all x x

Taking time

I’m now working in my space, taking my time planning, sketching and studying subject matter to create new artwork.

For the last 10 months I have been pressuring myself to create art to exhibit and sell in the gallery, art trails and events.

I have realised that I need to take a step back, do some reflection and think thoroughly about what I want to create.

Over the next few months I will post some updates about my processes and reflections, without giving too much away about what paintings I am creating.

The images below give an idea of what is currently influencing my direction, and I am using as references in developing compositions and creations.

Textures, structures, human impact, colour, light, shadow and form.

I start with meanderings in my environment: taking photos, observing and sketching what’s around me. I use all this info to make studies and further drawings in my studio.

Looking forward to several months of focused art activity.

Thank you all so much for your support.

New workspace

I’ve spent the last two weeks moving into a new workspace.

I’m finally there, set up and raring to get on with new work.

As I am now based in the local university, this is a golden opportunity for me to create new work and new directions, and to develop new partnerships.

Please get in touch for an appointment to view and purchase old and current work, and to discuss projects and commissions.

New work space

I’ve now moved into a new workspace closer to home. It’s a small but perfectly formed space, in a venue promoting partnerships and business enterprise.

Looking forward to producing new work.

A new space for a new direction, new ideas and new outlook.

Once I’m settled and producing new work, I will be welcoming visitors.

Studio address: Business Innovation Centre, University of Chichester, Bognor Regis PO21 1HR.

Studio 17

I currently have some paintings on display in the window of Studio 17, Norfolk Road, Littlehampton BN17 5PW.

If you’re in the area, please do take a wander up Norfolk Road, just off the seafront, the far end of East Beach Green. You can’t miss the gorgeous pink exterior of Studio 17.

All work is for sale, and can be purchased by contacting me direct, or through my website.

I have other work available to view and purchase at Clifton Road Gallery, inside Crafters Corner, Clifton Road, Littlehampton BN17 5AS.

I’m will be producing some new work, from different subject matter, from a new studio space. Stay connected for more info very soon!!

Supporting an artist by a small purchase

Artists everywhere need support to carry on their practice. This could be through a purchase of their work, a print or simply an art card.

Making a purchase can help and artist fee the confidence to develop their practice work further.

Over these last few days at Arundel Gallery Trail, I may not have made a fortune, but it’s warming to know that my sales of some paintings, Giclee prints and art cards, will give people joy and happiness, whilst encouraging me (both financially and mentally), to carry on producing work and developing my practice.

Massive thanks to all for your support.

Narrow Lanes, original acrylic on canvas. Now SOLD. Also available as a Giclee print and art card.

Giclee prints can be produced of artworks on request.

Example of cost, A4, mounted, backed and sealed, £15.

These are the Giclee prints available now:

Penultimate day at Arundel Gallery Trail

It’s been a busy week at Arundel Art Trail. Just two more days to go.

I’ve been sharing my space with four other great artists, and the Secret Artist Auction.

This auction gives an opportunity to bid for a painting of their choice, with the knowledge that half the revenue goes to the artist and the other half going towards future gallery trails. Auction closes on Monday 29th August. www.arundelgallerytrail.co.uk

Tamar Rose
Colleen Conti
Penny Pebbles
Johanna Muriel

Arundel Gallery Trail continues

Added some more work to my display for the last three days.

Video of additions.

Arundel Gallery Trail

20-29 August

34 venues and 90+ artists around Arundel, Walberton & Ford.

I’m in venue 1 (Victoria Institute) with some other great artists.

Secret Artist Auction
Tamar Rose, Johannah Muriel, Colleen Conti & Majorie Paniccia.

Arundel Art Trail

I’ve been busy preparing for Arundel Art Trail.

I’ll be in venue 1, Victoria Institute.

The trail guides are available at all the venues in Arundel during the art trail (20-29 August).

You can also pick one up in West Sussex libraries and many other venues in the Arun district. Including: Clifton Road Gallery/Crafters Corner, Littlehampton Museum, Pier Road Coffee & Art, Creative Heart.

A very warm studio!

Well, the studio is sweltering at the moment, so on a mission to get some air flow!

Spent some time getting some paintings sorted and a bit of studio organising this afternoon.

Nearly finished this small deep set canvas, an abstract detail, Pagham harbour and nature reserve.

Littlehampton Arts Trail

Linda Barton-Towers is one of the other regular artists exhibiting in the venue. Her popular, powerful seascapes are very striking and expressive.


Day 3 of the art trail, and, although we are very quiet (thanks to the scorching weather and Wimbledon tennis finals), we have had some lovely conversations with very interested art lovers and some sales.

I’ve taken the opportunity to do some painting in my space. This is great way of engaging with interested people and stimulating conversations about your working techniques.

Will hopefully have some finished pieces by the end of the day! The hot weather certainly speeds me up as the paints dry so quickly!


2/3 & 9/10 July

A sunny day heralds the start of this wonderful art trail. 25 artists in various artists around town.

I’m in venue 17 with http://www.whitecroftpottery.com

Art Trail Season

This week heralds the lead up to two months of art trails.

Three of my new paintings are featured in a preview exhibition, promoting the brand new Bognor Coastal Art Trail.

The first two weekends in July, I will be exhibiting with Tim Bartell in his lovely home.

Throughout July, I will be taking part in the annual Love Littlehampton Arts Trail, exhibiting work at Clifton Road Gallery, in Crafters Corner, Littlehampton.

Then 20-29th August I will be taking part in Arundel Arts Trail, exhibiting in The Victoria Institute, Tarrant Street. http://www.arundelgallerytrail.co.uk

More info to follow.

Hope to see some of you over the next few months.

Thanks for your support.

Prepping for trails & exhibition

Apologies for lack of updates, it’s been a busy few months preparing for a number of exhibitions and art trails, with family and other commitments in between.

Bognor Coastal Art Trail Preview Exhibition.

Bognor Coastal Art Trail runs in various venues across the Bognor Regis area, over the first two weekends in July. This preview exhibition held at POP! (Opposite the Alexander Theatre), showcases a sample of art from all the artists involved.

I’m sharing a venue with a potter in Middleton.

More details to follow very soon.

Thank you for all your support

Here’s to a wonderful, creative summer.

Not a great start

Our family had an awful start to the new year with a bereavement to someone extremely close to me. This has inevitably had a major impact on my ability to find physical and mental space to create artwork.

Some artists can channel grief and trauma through to their artwork, I personally have not been able to do this and have not found strength in creating artwork at present. I’m sure I will work through this and find a way my art will be able to help me process the loss of someone close.

My paintings are still on sale in Clifton Road Gallery, Littlehampton. This includes artwork transferred from Craft Cabin Bognor Regis which I’ve had to give up because of time constraints.

Hoping for some new focus in a couple of weeks

duncanthrussellart studio

Clifton Road Gallery, Littlehampton.

2022 – new year, same challenges

A new year brings fresh challenges but the same issues of finding the right balance between working to pay the bills and creating art work.

However this year, I feel I may be able to find more time to create the art work needed for exhibition and sales.

I hope the new owners of the studio premises will look after me and remain affordable!

Happy Christmas

It’s been an extremely challenging year for us all so, like many others, I am taking a break until 2022; having said that I will probably pop into the studio midweek to escape and finish some work off!

I have some plans forming for the New Year, although family health issues will take president over everything else.

I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for your support, and wish you all a very happy and relaxed festive season.

2022 very much brings the fear of the unknown, but all we can do is try our hardest to achieve what we can, but also to be mindful of the health and happiness of all around us. Be kind and and make ever moment count.

I’ll be in touch in 2022! x

A recent sale in a clients home.
A new landscape sketch.

Drawings & Giclee prints

Among paintings for sale at Clifton Road Gallery, I have mounted original drawings and Giclee prints available.

The drawings have been taken directly from field sketch books and show my art process; mark making, composition, perspective, line, space and interplay between objects.

Plan to make more drawings available for purchase in the near future.

I can also offer commissions in my drawing style, of any landscape, object, person or pet.

Please get in touch for more details.

What’s next?

A chance to step back and take stock.

Look at creating some new work for 2022.

Uploading images of work for online sales.

Make sure stock is updated and ready for potential Christmas sales at Clifton Road Gallery in Crafters Corner.

Arundel Museum exhibition

More photos of the Clifton Road Gallery art exhibition at Arundel Museum.

Arundel exhibition

Clifton Road Gallery exhibition at Arundel Museum is now on until Monday 18th October.

Spent the afternoon setting up my work and helping others.

Exhibition looks really lively and vibrant.

More photos of exhibition to come. For updates log on to Facebook and Instagram.

Exhibition prep & prints

Been busy sorting out work for the upcoming exhibition, and planning to get some prints done of my paintings and drawings. it’s all go…

New exhibition

I have a new group exhibition to get ready for in October.

This is the second Arundel Museum art exhibition Clifton Road Gallery has organized. Very pleased to be part of it.

Currently finishing off some large paintings, one of which will be displayed here, along with prints of drawings and paintings.

Craft Cabin, Bognor Regis

Finding new venues to exhibit and sell is often a challenge.

I’m now additionally selling my small paintings at The Craft Cabin, Chalcraft Lane, Bognor Regis PO21 5TS.

A lovely, unique creative venue, full of crafters and artists selling their work to the general public.

Refreshing exhibitions

Always important to refresh your current exhibitions if you get a chance. Prevents your display feeling stagnant to potential buyers who have come along more than once. Sometimes a balancing act because you don’t want to take a painting off the wall that has attracted someone to come and visit again; but if your show has been up for sometime, I think it’s worth showing that you are a progressive and busy artist, moving forward with lots of different art work to show.

Here’s my two refreshed exhibitions this week:

Jan Bennett’s art studio window, Norfolk Road, Littlehampton. Up for two more weeks.

I wanted the display here to reflect local areas and landmarks of interest, whilst showing my working processes.

Clifton Road Gallery @crafterscorner, Clifton Road Littlehampton. This venue is permanent space for my work. I try to refresh every couple of months if the work hasn’t sold. Next refresh will be around Halloween.

Clifton Road Gallery & Crafters Corner, Littlehampton.

My work is on display and available to purchase at Clifton Road Gallery @CraftersCorner in Littlehampton. the old sorting house,, Clifton Rd, Littlehampton BN17 5AS

I change around my artwork frequently. All work is affordable contemporary art, sea, land & urban themed scapes. The gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-4pm.

Norfolk Road art display

My artwork is in a window display for a couple of weeks, at Jan Bennett’s Norfolk Road art studio.

Love this little studio and the fact that the window is available to all in the community who pass by.

Littlehampton Arts Trail 2021

Lots of fresh paintings on display at Clifton Road Gallery (Crafters Corner, Clifton Road, Littlehampton).

Arundel Museum Art Exhibition.

I’m currently exhibiting at Arundel Museum along with 11 other artists. The exhibition was organised by Clifton Road Gallery.


I’m currently preparing for two exhibitions.

An exhibition organised by Clifton Road Gallery will be held at Arundel Museum. 11 artists will be exhibiting new work 22-25 July.

The annual Littlehampton Arts Trail will be 2-21 August. I’ll have new work on display at Clifton Road Gallery in Crafters’ Corner.

Some of my work nearly ready for exhibiting.

Hope you can pop-by one or both to have a look.

Many thanks for your support.

Arundel Museum group exhibition

Sorry I’ve been quite quiet recently.

I am currently working towards an exhibition at Arundel Museum, Mill Road, Arundel, West Sussex.

This is an exhibition organised by Clifton Road Gallery, and will include work from 11 artists connected to the gallery.

Running for 4 days, 22-25 July, this will be great opportunity to view and purchase current artwork from contemporary artists working in the area.

Follow on social media for regular updates.

Clifton Road Gallery at Arundel Museum, 22-25 July 2021.
Two paintings by Duncan Thrussell with three framed water colourful by Eli Spooner. These were shown recently, along with many other art works, at two arts & craft fairs, Norfolk Centre, Arundel.
Paintings by Duncan Thrussell at a recent Arts & Crafts fair, Norfolk Centre, Arundel.


A quick update as time has flown.

Last weekend saw me displaying my work at an arts and crafts fair in Arundel, West Sussex at The Norfolk Centre (by the castle entrance). This was Clifton Road Gallery joining with established crafters at this regular crafts fair, to provide a selling and marketing opportunity for artists via a ‘pop-up’ gallery. Will be there again Thursday 24th and Friday 25 to June.

It’s enjoyable taking part in fairs. I find it helps me to get my art work together and present it for the general public who will hopefully purchase a sample of art. I also think it’s great for people to see an artist getting their work out into the wider world for the public to see and purchase, mixing with other artists and creatives, normalizing art in public places. Overall, sales or no sales, a great marketing opportunity.

I’m taking part in group exhibition at Arundel Museum, 22 – 25 July. This has now given me a target to complete several paintings.

As practicing artists, I have always felt that it’s so important to have targets and deadlines, especially when life is so hectic and demanding at times.

In the meantime my artwork is available at Clifton Road Gallery, in Crafters’ Corner.

Thank you for the support. Watch out for more updates soon.



Art-Mantic has been created to provide a safe, inclusive, and supportive space for Artists and Art lovers to have Authentic Conversations about their Personal Experiences with Art and the highs and lows of living a Creative Life.

So happy to be involved in this project.

During these uncertain times, it’s so important to know that there are other artists/art lovers around to share ideas and thoughts, as well as the successes and difficulties about living and working in the creative sector.

For example one of difficulties I am currently experiencing is finding the time to spend in the studio due to arranging a house move and a temp job to help save some money.

Balancing everything can be a challenge but things will turn out well in the end.

Looking after yourself

Been spending the last few weeks looking after myself, physically and mentally.

Plenty of physical exercise (walking and running), spending quality time with my wife, relaxing with a book or a movie, and painting and drawing when it felt right.

Sometimes in our lives it pays to take a step back to evaluate what you have got and how you want to move forward.

We are in the process of moving, so it’s important to not let this big life event get better of me. There is going to be quite a few changes in the near future but will try to take things slowly and step-by-step so I can make the right choices.

In order to do this staying physically fit is important for me. If I can walk and run around, I can keep mentally clear: a clear mind and have fresh ideas to stay calm and keep abreast of everything that may happen.