New work developing & expensive open art competitions!

I’ve decided to take some time away from exhibiting to enable me to dedicate some time to develop my portfolio of new work.

I have since been creating a lot of drawings and gathering ideas for new paintings.

I have a number of paintings “on the go”, with the idea of developing the series of work to exhibit them together in 2024.

I have also started to enter some open art competitions with a selection of paintings created in 2021/22. I could accumulate quite an expensive bill, so I’m selective about which ones to enter. Fingers crossed I. Successful with some of my entrances. I’ll let you all know which ones I enter over the coming months…even if I’m not successful!

In order to develop my work, enter open art completions and have some focus on online selling, I’ve withdrawn all my original work (bar some drawings, cards and prints) from Clifton Road Gallery.

A bit of a journey at the moment, so let us see what happens!

Chat soon.

Published by duncanthrussellart

Artist, a sketcher and observer of the environment around me (duncanthrussellart). Working as a sole trader Cleaner & Gardner to support my practice (DT Services).

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