Arundel Museum group exhibition

Sorry I’ve been quite quiet recently.

I am currently working towards an exhibition at Arundel Museum, Mill Road, Arundel, West Sussex.

This is an exhibition organised by Clifton Road Gallery, and will include work from 11 artists connected to the gallery.

Running for 4 days, 22-25 July, this will be great opportunity to view and purchase current artwork from contemporary artists working in the area.

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Clifton Road Gallery at Arundel Museum, 22-25 July 2021.
Two paintings by Duncan Thrussell with three framed water colourful by Eli Spooner. These were shown recently, along with many other art works, at two arts & craft fairs, Norfolk Centre, Arundel.
Paintings by Duncan Thrussell at a recent Arts & Crafts fair, Norfolk Centre, Arundel.

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Artist, a sketcher and observer of the environment around me (duncanthrussellart). Working as a sole trader Cleaner & Gardner to support my practice (DT Services).

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