A quick update as time has flown.

Last weekend saw me displaying my work at an arts and crafts fair in Arundel, West Sussex at The Norfolk Centre (by the castle entrance). This was Clifton Road Gallery joining with established crafters at this regular crafts fair, to provide a selling and marketing opportunity for artists via a ‘pop-up’ gallery. Will be there again Thursday 24th and Friday 25 to June.

It’s enjoyable taking part in fairs. I find it helps me to get my art work together and present it for the general public who will hopefully purchase a sample of art. I also think it’s great for people to see an artist getting their work out into the wider world for the public to see and purchase, mixing with other artists and creatives, normalizing art in public places. Overall, sales or no sales, a great marketing opportunity.

I’m taking part in group exhibition at Arundel Museum, 22 – 25 July. This has now given me a target to complete several paintings.

As practicing artists, I have always felt that it’s so important to have targets and deadlines, especially when life is so hectic and demanding at times.

In the meantime my artwork is available at Clifton Road Gallery, in Crafters’ Corner.

Thank you for the support. Watch out for more updates soon.

Published by duncanthrussellart

Artist, a sketcher and observer of the environment around me (duncanthrussellart). Working as a sole trader Cleaner & Gardner to support my practice (DT Services).

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