Supporting an artist by a small purchase

Artists everywhere need support to carry on their practice. This could be through a purchase of their work, a print or simply an art card.

Making a purchase can help and artist fee the confidence to develop their practice work further.

Over these last few days at Arundel Gallery Trail, I may not have made a fortune, but it’s warming to know that my sales of some paintings, Giclee prints and art cards, will give people joy and happiness, whilst encouraging me (both financially and mentally), to carry on producing work and developing my practice.

Massive thanks to all for your support.

Narrow Lanes, original acrylic on canvas. Now SOLD. Also available as a Giclee print and art card.

Giclee prints can be produced of artworks on request.

Example of cost, A4, mounted, backed and sealed, £15.

These are the Giclee prints available now:

Published by duncanthrussellart

Artist, a sketcher and observer of the environment around me (duncanthrussellart). Working as a sole trader Cleaner & Gardner to support my practice (DT Services).

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