Looking after yourself

Been spending the last few weeks looking after myself, physically and mentally.

Plenty of physical exercise (walking and running), spending quality time with my wife, relaxing with a book or a movie, and painting and drawing when it felt right.

Sometimes in our lives it pays to take a step back to evaluate what you have got and how you want to move forward.

We are in the process of moving, so it’s important to not let this big life event get better of me. There is going to be quite a few changes in the near future but will try to take things slowly and step-by-step so I can make the right choices.

In order to do this staying physically fit is important for me. If I can walk and run around, I can keep mentally clear: a clear mind and have fresh ideas to stay calm and keep abreast of everything that may happen.

Published by duncanthrussellart

Artist, a sketcher and observer of the environment around me (duncanthrussellart). Working as a sole trader Cleaner & Gardner to support my practice (DT Services).

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